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Скачать Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Mexican States бесплатно

UXL - Gale Group “Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Mexican States"
UXL | 2007-07-13 | ISBN: 141441112X | 423 pages | PDF | 10,5 MB

Grade 5 Up?Described as a sister set to the Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations (Gale, 1996), this resource provides concise, readable information on the "traditions, living conditions, and personalities" of 295 culture groups outside of the United States. Countries are arranged alphabetically and subdivided by culture group; where one culture crosses political boundaries, cross-references are provided. Each article is organized into 20 headings and covers such topics as language, folklore, religion, major holidays, family life, clothing, food, recreation, and social problems. Each entry concludes with a bibliography containing print sources and useful Web sites for the country's embassy, government, and travel and tourism sites. Intermittent sidebars feature recipes or activity instructions (e.g., a recipe for kimchi and "Make a Shield Kite" in the article on South Koreans). Occasional black-and-white photographs and maps contribute to an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. The short and engaging articles are based on entries in the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (Gale, 1998) and targeted to appeal to a younger audience. The downside of brevity is some unfortunate ethnic characterization ("Israelis love to eat and do it often"), and a lack of candor on human rights issues (no mention of female genital mutilation, for example). In spite of these shortcomings, this is a valuable and timely resource with considerable assignment value.?Mary Ann Carcich, Brooklyn Public Library, NY

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