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Скачать The New Cambridge Modern History I: The Renaissance 1493-1520 бесплатно

G. R. Potter “The New Cambridge Modern History I: The Renaissance 1493-1520"
Cambridge University Press | 1975-11-28 | ISBN: 0521099749 | 568 pages | PDF | 30,4 MB

Review By A Customer
This volume is the first in the series called the "New Cambridge Modern History." Although the series purports to be a history of the world, with this volume covering the years from 1493 (the discovery of the new world) until 1520 (the time of Luther and the start of the religious wars), and although the series has more of a world view than does some United States text books, the series still shares the western European view of the world which is biased toward Europe and neglects Asia and Africa. Accordingly, the series remains a history of Europe rather than a history of the entire world.
However, taken on its own terms as a history of Europe it is a really fine and balanced approach to the subject matter. All facets of the various conflicts in Europe in the period of time just prior to the Refomation are covered in a very complete manner in this particular volume. The writing style has appeal to students of all levels of learning. Coming back to volume after reading other books on the subject can be a rewarding experience. Additionally, finishing one volume leaves the reader with a thirst to start the next in the series.

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