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Скачать Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture бесплатно

Gino Moliterno “Encyclopedia of Contemporary Italian Culture"
Routledge | 2000-06 | ISBN: 0415145848 | 704 pages | PDF | 4,6 MB

This new addition to Routledge's acclaimed Contemporary Culture series features authoritative and engaging coverage of post-1945 Italian culture, from major political, economic and legal concerns to previously neglected issues and locations. With 1,000 entries by an international group of expert contributors, the Encyclopedia covers virtually every aspect of Italian culture. Entries range from short definitions, histories or biographies to more involved essays in the following areas:

* architecture * cultural & policy institutions * economy * education & scientific research * fashion * film * food * intellectual life * language * literature * mass media * performing arts * politics * religion * sports * and much more.

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