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Скачать The Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference of the World (Reupload) бесплатно

Blackbirch Press, Bob Italiano " The Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference of the World: More Than 2,500 Graphs, Charts, Maps, and Photos That Cover the Most Important and Interesting Facts ... Country on the Planet!"
Blackbirch Press | 2001-09-01 | ISBN: 1567115799 | 360 pages | Djvu | 35,8 MB

Never before has a kid-friendly, full-color, world reference combined so many elements into one jam-packed volume. Part atlas, part visual reference, and part world factbook, The Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference of the World blends all these features into a concise, at-a-glance format that is uniquely suited to kids. Some highlights of this title are:
Covers every country in the world
Every entry includes: maps, flag, size and population ranking indicator, at-a-glance vital statistics; charts and graphs on climate, industry, land use, ethnic groups, religion, education, and daily life
Special section of political, topographical, and thematic world maps

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