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Скачать 100 Great Artists бесплатно

Charlotte Gerlings "100 Great Artists"
Foulsham | 2005-11-28 | ISBN: 0572031610 | 208 pages | PDF | 24,7 MB

100 Great Artists presents the cream of European painting, from Fra Angelico to Whistler; from the art of the thirteenth century to the modern day. Beautifully designed, the selection is intended to take readers on a wide-ranging journey to reveal how the tradition of European painting was re-interpreted in different locations, from the New World to the Far East.
For the most part, leading exponents trained, inspired or influenced one another, and throughout this book the reader will find stimulating and rewarding connections to enhance their appreciation of these artistic relationships. Arranged alphabetically, 100 Great Artists represents a visual and thought-provoking treat for anyone interested in western painting.
Each entry comprises a perceptive commentary, a time-line to 'place' the art within its historical context, and two full-colour images.

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