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Скачать Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development бесплатно

Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc | Pages: 544 | 2005-11-02 | ISBN: 0761928839 | PDF | 8 MB

Product Description:

The Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development is the first reference work to focus on the developmental process of religion and spirituality across the human life span. Spiritual development is an important part of human development that has links to identity development, moral development, and civic engagement. This innovative Encyclopedia offers insight into the characteristics of people and their contexts that interact to influence religious and spiritual development over time. Editors Elizabeth M. Dowling and W. George Scarlett provide readers with glimpses into the religious and spiritual developmental trajectories of people from all over the world, from many different religious and spiritual backgrounds.

Key Features

* Includes short, accessible entries written by leading specialists and theorists from a wide range of disciplines and professions, both within the United States and internationally, to provide a broad, multidisciplinary scope
* Offers entries that are unrelated to religion and religious experiences in order to examine spirituality in the broadest sense that encompasses religion as just one path toward spiritual development
* Explores community-based programs that focus on enhancing spiritual development, as well as the links between spiritual development and positive personal and social development in youth
* Offers reference lists for each entry that enable readers to gain further information related to the topic

Key Themes

* Leading Religious and Spiritual Figures
* Traditions
* Texts
* Places, Religious and Spiritual
* Practices, Religious and Spiritual Concepts
* Religious and Spiritual Theory
* Supports/Contexts
* Nature
* Health
* Art
* Organizations

The Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development makes a significant contribution to the research and scholarship looking at the similarities and differences in religiousness and spirituality. It is a welcome addition to any academic library or religious reference collection.

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