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Скачать Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2nd Ed) бесплатно

Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2nd Ed)
Windows | ISO | 440 MB

Enlarge your vocabulary
• NEW Click on the thesaurus button next to every word to access a list of synonyms.
• Understand difficult words with over 1300 illustrations, animations and photographs, and more than 300 sound effects.
• Create your own wordlists to revise, improve and extend your vocabulary.
• Explore the Language Study pages to develop your vocabulary in particular areas of English, and discover the world with 200 interactive maps in the atlas.

Improve your pronunciation
• Hear the pronunciation of every word in British and American English at the click of a button
• Record, play back and improve your pronunciation, and search for other words that are pronounced in the same way

Personalise your search
• NEW Display only as much information about each word as you want, and add your own notes or translations to every entry in the dictionary
• Use the Super Search to look for groups of words that are of particular interest to you.

Exploit your dictionary
• NEW Over 200 interactive exercises to improve your writing skills
• NEW Connect instantly through weblinks to carefully selected websites offering cultural and encyclopaedic information
• Quick Find gives you instant dictionary definitions of words and phrases in documents, email or web pages. Just hover your mouse over the word you want to see.

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