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Скачать The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Forthune Telling бесплатно

Michael Johnstone, "The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Forthune Telling"
Eagle Editions | Pages: 204 | 2004 | ISBN: 1841932353 | PDF | 11mb

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling delves into the rich and fascinating tradition of using fortune telling to enhance your life, realize your desires and make your dreams come true. It examines the long history of fortune telling in all its forms and gives clear explanations as to its history and the correct way it should be used. The book looks in detail at a number of popular forms of fortune telling, from tarot to crystal balls, making it a practical workbook for the reader.As well as explaining what fortune telling is, the author investigates its many different forms, from aeromancy to xylomancy, and charts the history of the subject and what it can tell us about our personalities, character and future.

thanks to fighi and for dnlding my RS link.

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