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Скачать Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets бесплатно

Nye “Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets "
Gnosis Books | 2005 | ASIN: R20070326B | 199 pages | PDF | 1,9 MB

From Abraham to Zedekias
Witchcraft: (From Saxen Wicca, a contraction of witega, a prophet or sorcerer.) The cult of persons who, by means of satanic assistance or the aid of evil spirits or familiars, are enabled to practise minor black magic. But the difference between the sorcerer and the witch is that the former has sold his soul to Satan for complete dominion over him for a stated period, whereas the witch usually appears as the devoted and often badly treated servant of the diabolic power. But she is often mistress of a familiar, her bounden slave, and among certain savage peoples her occult powers are self - evolved. The concept of witchcraft was perhaps brought into being by the mythic influence of conquered races. It closely resembles in ritual and practice the demonism of savage races, from which it probably sprang.

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