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Скачать Fundamental Change: International Handbook of Educational Change бесплатно

Michael Fullan “Fundamental Change: International Handbook of Educational Change"
Springer | 2005-09-01 | ISBN: 1402032927 | 369 pages | PDF | 21,9 MB

The chapters in this volume are divided into three broad categories: (1) those dealing with macro educational change at the societal level (2) those relating to large scale initiatives based on particular reform strategies (3) those pertaining to fundamental transformations of professional development strategies, indeed to fundamental reform in the profession of teaching itself.
There has been a growing dissatisfaction over the past two decades about the slow pace of educational reform. Whatever successes that have been obtained have been confined to individual schools what succeeded here and there. Missing was any sense that educational change could be accomplished on a large scale sustained basis.
The chapters in this book attempt to push forward on the agenda of fundamental change.
This volume (part of 4 volumes) is the third section in the International Handbook of Educational Change.
The volumes are a state-of-the-art collection of the most important ideas and evidence of educational change. The volumes bring together some of the most influential thinkers and writers on educational change. It deals with issues like educational innovation, reform, restructuring, culture-building, inspection, school-review, and change management. School leaders, system administration, teacher leaders, consultants, facilitators, educational researchers, staff developers and change agents of all kinds will find these volumes an indispensable resource for guiding them to both classic and cutting-edge understandings of educational change, no other work provides as comprehensive coverage of the field of educational change.

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