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Скачать The Dictionary of Historical Theology бесплатно

Trevor A. Hart, Richard Bauckham “The Dictionary of Historical Theology"
Authentic Media | 2000-06 | ISBN: 1842270028 | 599 pages | Djvu | 7,4 MB

Major reference work on key figures in the history of the church and their theology.
From Library Journal
This very fine dictionary does not treat theological themes such as Christology, salvation, redemption, or grace; rather, it treats the people and the movements responsible for the birth and development of such themes in the history of the Christian church. Each of 314 entries by 173 writers is an essay, written by a topical expert and followed by an up-to-date bibliography on the subject. The entries vary in length and in quality. Notable among them are Paul Molnar's essay on Karl Barth, Max Stackhouse's on Paul Ramsey, and D.W.D Shaw's on process theology. Typically, the essays are free from jargon, presenting readable summaries and ready reference not only for church ministers, teachers, and students but also for general readers. This dictionary will not replace other volumes, such as The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (LJ 5/15/97) or A Handbook of Christian Theologians (1980. o.p.), but it is a welcome addition and may be considered among the better reference books on Christian theology. Recommended not only for academic and seminary libraries but for community libraries whose members have an interest in Christian theology.DDavid I. Fulton, Our Lady of Victories Church, Baptistown, NJ

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