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Скачать The History of Sexuality. Three-Volume Set (Reupload) бесплатно

Michel Foucault “The History of Sexuality. Three-Volume Set"
Random House; Penguin Books | 2006 | ISBN: 0679724699 | 730 pages | Djvu | 3,7 MB

The History of Sexuality - Contents:
Volume 1: An Introduction
Volume 2: The Use of Pleasure
Volume 3: The Care of the Self
"The Care of the Self shares with the writings on which it draws the characteristic of being carefully constructed, exquisitely reasoned and internally cogent." -- The New York Times Book Review
"Foucault is a thinker from whose writing one can infer lessons for our modern lives and dilemmas."-- Boston Globe
Book Description:
From Library Journal on "The Use of Pleasure" (Volume 2)Shortly before his sudden death in 1984, Foucault completed the ambitious study which traces the genesis of the modern ``desiring subject.'' Its second volume focuses on the ``experience of sexuality'' found in the writings of Greek philosophers and physicians of the fourth century B.C. Foucault argues that this experience differs radically from ours: the classical concern with sexuality must be understood as a particular instance of a more general concern with attaining that self-mastery which was the mark of the free man and the central concern of Greek ethics. As in his earlier writings, Foucault challenges conventional assumptions and forces us to think about fundamental questions in new ways. An important and surprisingly readable work by a major contemporary thinker, this deserves a wide audience. James Schmidt, University Professors Program, Boston Univ.
Copyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc.
From Library Journal on "The Care of the Self" (Volume 3)The Care of the Self is the third and possibly final volume of Michel Foucault's widely acclaimed examination of "the experience of sexuality in Western society." Foucault takes us into the first two centuries of our own era, into the Golden Age of Rome, to reveal a subtle but decisive break from the classical Greek vision of sexual pleasure. He skillfully explores the whole corpus of moral reflection among philosophers (Plutarch, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca) and physicians of the era, and uncovers an increasing mistrust of pleasure and growing anxiety over sexual activity and its consequences.
In this absorbing study, Foucault discusses the attitudes toward sexuality prevalent in Hellenistic Greece and Rome. Classical Greece's view of sex as a means of obtaining individual pleasure faced increasing challenge in Hellenistic times. The love of boys now assumed more muted tones, often finding itself at odds with the highly valued ideals of marital fidelity and virginity. The Stoic approach, as Foucault demonstrates in a nuanced discussion, both resembled and differed from the asceticism of Christianity. This volume, perhaps the last that will appear of the author's posthumous History of Sexuality ( LJ 10/15/78; 12/1/85) manifests Foucault's powerful analytic ability. Though at times it draws very broad conclusions from the discussion of relatively few texts, it is still highly recommended. David Gordon, Social Philosophy & Policy Ctr., Bowling Green State Univ., Ohio

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