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Скачать Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook бесплатно

Gail Stein “Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook"
Webster's New World | 2005-03-25 | ISBN: 0764578979 | 384 pages | PDF | 1,8 MB

Vocabulary words let you communicate basic ideas, but proper grammar enables you to communicate concepts, feelings, and subtle nuances much more effectively. Now mastering Spanish grammar is easier than ever. Whether you're a student, a business professional who wants to sound more professional, or a future tourist who doesn't want to sound like one, Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook is an indispensable reference. It helps you hone your Spanish writing skills and sharpen your verbal expression with features such as:
* Fifteen parts covering all the essential elements of Spanish grammar
* A section on everyday necessities-commonly used words and expressions
* Clear explanations of the rules with examples
* Comprehensive verb charts illustrating the conjugations
* Thematic vocabulary charts for common, everyday topics
* A glossary that defines all the grammatical terms
Organized so you can proceed at your own pace and review as needed, Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook helps you progress from vocabulary to proficiency so you can communicate confidently in both social and business situations.

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