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Скачать Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (3-Vol. Set ) (Reupload) бесплатно

Jay A. Siegel, Pekka J. Saukko , Geoffrey C. Knupfer “Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences (3-Vol. Set )"
Academic Press; 1 edition | 2000-08 | ISBN: 0122272153 | 1600 pages | PDF | 36,9 MB

The Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences is the first resource to provide comprehensive coverage of the core theories, methods, techniques, and applications employed by forensic scientists. One of the more pressing concerns in forensic science is the collection of evidence from the crime scene and its relevance to the forensic analysis carried out in the laboratory. The Encyclopedia will serve to inform both the crime scene worker and the laboratory worker of their protocols, procedures, and limitations. The more than 200 articles contained in the Encyclopedia form a repository of core information that will be of use to instructors, students, and professionals in the criminology, legal, and law enforcement communities.
Key Features
* Contains more than 200 articles written by international experts in the field
* Outlines the most effective methods and techniques used in evidence collection, analysis, and investigation
* Includes Further Reading lists in each article to allow easy access to the primary literature
* Makes information easy to find with extensive cross-referencing (hyper-links in the electronic version), a complete index, and other aids to the reader
* Includes a comprehensive glossary that defines nearly 900 forensic science terms
* Provides many detailed photographs, figures, and tables to illustrate the text, plus color plate sections in each volume
* Includes initial access to the online version with purchase of the print edition;Ongoing access is maintained for a minimum annual fee

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