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Скачать Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific (Reupload) бесплатно

Christophe Wiart “Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific"
CRC | 2006-06-19 | ISBN: 0849372453 | 336 pages | PDF | 14,1 MB

Covering all aspects of botany, ethnology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy, and medicine, this authoritative volume provides comprehensive coverage, presenting all important classes of natural products found in Asia and the Pacific, classified by their mode of action. With illustrations and photographs, each chapter includes figures of plants, concepts, and mechanisms of action. The author also presents cutting-edge research and recent developments in the field. Medicinal Plants of Asia and the Pacific provides a thorough guide for professionals interested in natural products, pharmacognosy, biomedical applications of medicinal plants, toxicology, and many other rapidly growing fields.

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