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Скачать Encyclopedia of Government and Politics, Volume 1 бесплатно

Mary Hawkesworth, Maurice Kogan “Encyclopedia of Government and Politics, Volume 1"
Routledge | 1992-01-01 | ISBN: 0415072247 | 637 pages | PDF | 1,92 MB

The fields that comprise government and political science have undergone significant changes within the last three d`ecades, with the transition from traditional to behavioral and post-behavioral methods of analysis. The living world that political scientists investigate has experienced equally dramatic transformations.
The Encyclopedia of Government and Politics provides unrivaled comprehensive coverage of contemporary trends in world, regional, and national government and politics. In eighty-four detailed essays, it captures the international changes--both theoretical and factual--that postdate the collapse of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe.
An invaluable reference resource, the Encyclopedia of Government and Politics provides a systematic and authoritative analysis of the discipline, including political theory, processes and behavior, policy-making, pressure groups, contemporary ideologies, international relations, arms control and disarmament, human rights, and democratization.
Each topic under investigation offers essential information for study and research, and includes extensive bibliographies and suggestions for further reading. An international team of experts--including Jean Blondel, Tom Bottomore, Mattei Dogan, Lawrence Freedman, Jack A. Goldstone, Fred Greenstein, Rita Mae Kelly, Robert O. Keohane, Peter Knoepfel, and James Malloy--contribute articles containing concise facts, concepts, and analyses of key issues. The entire collection provides an unprecedented contemporary overview of political theory, science, and policy studies.
The volumes are introduced and placed in context in an essay by Mary Hawkesworth, which advances the conceptual treatment of political science to a new level. The articles which follow are organized under nine main headings: 1) Political Theory: Central Concepts, 2) Contemporary Ideologies, 3) Contemporary Political Systems, 4) Political Institutions, 5) Political Forces and Political Processes, 6) Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in the Nation-State, 7) Policy Making and Policies, 8) International Relations, and 9) Major Issues in Contemporary World Politics.
Appropriate for courses world-wide, the Encylopedia of Government and Politics will be a major reference source for students and instructors in government, politics, and related disciplines such as history, sociology, economics, and law. It will also be of substantial use to practitioners--politicians, professional analysts, policy-makers, commentators, and pressure groups.

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