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Скачать Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia: Volume 1 & 2 бесплатно

Christian Roy “Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia: Volume 1 & 2"
ABC-CLIO | 2004-09 | ISBN: 1576070891 | 548 pages | PDF | 4,07 MB

Grade 10 Up–This compact set contains alphabetically arranged entries on more than 150 festivals celebrated in various parts of the world. The major feasts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are described in detail, as are many other important celebrations. Lesser-known festivals include the Ainu Bear Festival of Japan and the sun Festival of Yoruba, as well as those celebrated in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia and by the Aztec and the Maya. A number of the longer articles are accompanied by black-and-white photographs, and every article concludes with a brief bibliography. There is considerable cross-referencing, and the index lists holidays that do not have a separate entry. Appendixes provide tables of dates for the major Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Chinese holidays, and a comparative table showing festivals by cultural area and time of year. The articles are scholarly but would be accessible to advanced students. This valuable set covers many obscure holidays that are rarely included in other reference works.

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