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Скачать The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education бесплатно

Joe L. Kincheloe, kecia hayes, Karel Rose, Philip M. Anderson “The Praeger Handbook of Urban Education"
Praeger Publishers | 2006-03-30 | ISBN: 0313333246 | 680 pages | PDF | 2,89 MB

Maintaining that urban teaching and learning is characterized by many contradictions, this work proposes that there is a wide range of social, cultural, psychological, and pedagogical knowledge urban educators must possess in order to engage in effective and transformative practice. It is necessary for those teaching in urban schools to be scholar-practitioners, rather than bureaucrats who can only follow rather than analyze, understand and create. Ten major sections cover the myriad issues of urban education as it exists today. The ten major sections cover: BLcontext of urban education BLrace and ethnicity BLsocial justice BLteaching and pedagogy BLpower and urban education BLlanguage issues BLcultural issues of urban schools as seen in the media BLdoing research in city schools BLaesthetics and the proximity of cultural insitutions BLeducation policy Sixty one essays written by specialists in teacher education; public policy; sociology; psychology; applied linguistics; forestry; urban studies; school administratrion; cultural studies; evaluation; and linguistics provide a blueprint for scholars, teachers, parents, urban politicians, school administrators, policy professionals and others seeking to understand the situation of urban schools across America today.

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