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Скачать The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of the Renaissance бесплатно

Helicon Books “The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of the Renaissance"
Helicon | 1999-04-01 | ISBN: 1859862691 | 448 pages | PDF | 5,73 MB

An authoritative companion to the Renaissance that deals with the period in the widest sense, covering not only Italy but developments in the arts, science, and ideas across Europe. The timescale is similarly broad, ranging from Cimabue to Titian, from Dante to Shakespeare, and including the early 17th century. approximately 2,000 entries, providing a broader selection than the major competition 80 in-depth feature articles, developing key topics at greater length covers all of Europe—no other Renaissance encyclopedia currently available has this range full thematic index, accessing specialist areas of interest comprehensively up-to-date bibliographies, offering the best and latest scholarship for further reading maps, genealogies, and lists, enriching the key information in unexpected ways

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