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Скачать Conflict in Afghanistan: A Historical Encyclopedia бесплатно

Frank A. Clements “Conflict in Afghanistan: A Historical Encyclopedia"
ABC-Clio | 2003-12 | ISBN: 1851094024 | 377 pages | PDF | 5,37 MB

This work is a comprehensive A-Z study of the history of conflict in Afghanistan from 1747 to the 21st century. It considers the origins and root causes of conflict in Afghanistan, the country's cultural and ethnic structure, and the important subject of geography and climate. The involvement of the superpowers from the 18th century to the 21st century is also covered, as are the external influences that imposed on Afghanistan a myriad of nations. The refugee problem and the history and significance of al-Qaida and the War on Terrorism are also examined. Moreover, there are individual entries on specific people, organizations, events, battles, treaties, agreements, incidents, and political parties. A detailed introduction provides the reader with a useful historical overview of conflict in Afghanistan since the 18th century and pays attention to the causes of the conflicts, the history of the conflicts themselves and their impact on Afghan society and on regional and international relations.

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