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Скачать Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia бесплатно

P. Crabtree “Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia "
Routledge | 2000-09-21 | ISBN: 0815312865 | 426 pages | PDF | 5,4 MB

This is the first reference work to cover the archaeology of medieval Europe. No other reference can claim such comprehensive coverage -- from Ireland to Russia and from Scandinavia to Italy, the archaeology of the entirety of medieval Europe is discussed.
With coverage ranging from the fall of the western Roman empire in the 5th century CE through the end of the high Middle Ages in 1500 CE, Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia answers the needs of medieval scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including archaeologists, historians and classicists. Featuring over 150 entries by an international team of leading archaeologists, this unique reference is soundly based on the most important developments and scholarship in this rapidly growing field.
Entries include: boat-building * jewelry * Medieval London * Medieval Paris * Scotland in the Dark Ages * Trondheim, Norway * Bohemia: Early Medieval Villages * Dress Accessories * Early Slav Culture * Iron Age * Normandy: Castles and Fortified Residences * Scotland: Early Royal Sites * Shipbuilding * Trelleborg Fortress * Vikings * Visigoths * Wales: Medieval Settlement and many more.

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