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Скачать World War II in the Pacific: An Encyclopedia бесплатно

S. Sandler “World War II in the Pacific: An Encyclopedia"
Routledge | 2000-11-02 | ISBN: 0815318839 | 660 pages | PDF | 6,3 MB

All levels of this world-altering conflict are comprehensively treated
Word War Ii in the Pacific lasted forty-five months and caused tens of thousands of battle casualties. This reference features a sweeping array of topics that go beyond battles and hardware and address everything from high policy-making, grand strategy, and the significant persons and battles in the conflict to the organization of Allied and Japanese divisions, aircraft, armor, artillery, psychological warfare, warships, and the home fronts. The audience for the book will vary greatly as well: from younger students who need information about the conflict to military buffs and historians.
Encompasses the complete history of the war
Conflicts of great magnitude are by no means self-contained, either historically or in their outcomes. Recognizing this fact, the volume covers not only the actual course of this vast war, but the factors involved in its inception, as well as the consequence of the war and the occupation of Japan itself.
A reading experience unparalleled by other reference works
Although the work covers scores of varying topics, it weaves them together and evokes their intersections, providing an overall view that enables the reader to grasp the true nature of such a widespread conflict. Terms that may be unfamiliar to the non-expert are explained.
Special features
*The only encyclopedia specifically devoted to World War II in the Pacific.
*From policy-making to warships, every level of the war is covered.
*Comprehensive index of topics, weapons, and persons.
*Edited by a premiere military historian.
*More than 300 contributions by some 200 top scholars.

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