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Скачать Medieval France: An Encyclopedia бесплатно

William Kibler “Medieval France: An Encyclopedia"
Routledge | 1995-03-01 | ISBN: 0824044444 | 1080 pages | PDF | 22,1 MB

The first single-volume reference work on the history and culture of medieval France, this information-filled Encyclopedia of over 2,400 entries covers the political, intellectual, literary, and musical history of the country from the early fifth century to the late 15th. The shorter entries offer succinct summaries of the lives of individuals, events, works, cities, monuments, and other important subjects, followed by essential bibliographies. Longer essay-length articles provide interpretive comments about significant institutions and important periods or events. The Encyclopedia is thoroughly cross-referenced and includes a generous selection of illustrations, maps, charts, and genealogies
Major Features:Over 2,400 entries on musical, intellectual, literary, and political history; Coverage from the first through 15th centuries; Concise entries on people, events, works, sites, and monuments; Longer essays on important institutions, themes, and events; Over 200 photographs and 45 drawings illustrate the information presented; Some 14 charts and 16 detailed maps add depth to the coverage; Extensive coverage of music-some 75,000 words
The Encyclopedia is especially strong in its coverage of: Economic Issues: taxation, agriculture, women in trade, banking and money lending, merchants; Women: Marie de France, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jeanne d'Arc, Christine de Pizan, Heloise; Art: Gothic art and architecture, ivories, Romanesque art, stained glass, tapestry; Music: Isorhythmic motet, musical instruments, cyclic mass, vidas and razos, refrain, Latin and vernacular hymns; Religion: Benedictine Order, eucharistic veneration and vessels, heresy, monasticism; Literature: brief pieces on lesser-known works and long essays on genres like fabliau, chanson de geste, romance, drama; History: political figures, military leaders, daily life-food, health care, crime and punishment, families.

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