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Скачать Dictionary of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation бесплатно

S. Porter “Dictionary of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation"
Routledge | 2007-02-23 | ISBN: 0415201004 | 406 pages | PDF | 2,62 MB

Compiling the results from contemporary and exciting areas of research into one single importanvolume, this book stands ahead in its field in providing a comprehensive one-stop handbook reference of biblical interpretation.
Examining a wide range of articles on many of the recognized interpreters including Augustine, Luther, and Calvin, up to the modern figures of Martin Hengel and T.W. Manson, Professor Porter expertly combines the study of biblical interpretation with the examination of the theological and philosophical preconceptions that have influenced it, and surveys the history of interpretation from different perspectives.

Key Perspectives studied include:
* The historical dimension: Addresses how interpretation has developed at various periods of time, from early Jewish exegesis to the historical-critical method.
* The conceptual approach: Looks at the various schools of thought that have generated biblical interpretation, and compares and contrasts competing conceptual models of interpretation,
* The personal perspective: Addresses the reality of biblical interpretation by individuals who have helped plot the course of theological development.
With relevant bibliographies and a guide to further reading, The Dictionary will be an extremely imoprtant reference held for many years, not only by libraries, but also by students, scholars, clergy, and teachers of this fascinating and high-profile subject.

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