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Скачать Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia (2 Volumes) бесплатно

Lawrence Balter “Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia (2 Volumes)"
ABC-Clio | 2000-12-01 | ISBN: 1576072134 | 745 pages | PDF | 4,1 MB

Parenting: the hardest job in the world, and everyone's an expert. Now there's an illustrated, A-to-Z encyclopedia on this vexed occupation that offers fresh insights and rock-solid information, all based on the latest research. Jargon-free and with no axes to grind, Parenthood in America is the work of the nation's real authorities, the heavyhitters in psychology, health, sociology, anthropology, and family history. It aims to fill the gap between how-to books (which generally blend popular notions and authors' pet theories) and specialized texts aimed at scholars. In short: it's unique.
Parents trying to fathom their teenagers' behavior (or children mystified by their parents), teachers, students, professionals working in the field: everyone will find something here to inform, surprise, and even entertain. Entries, which are carefully illustrated and accompanied by suggestions for further reading, get right to the point. Cultural, social, and historical material is covered wherever relevant, but Parenthood in America focuses on the psychological aspects of the parent-child relationship. Biological concepts--fertility, pregnancy, birth--receive full treatment as well. Readers will find cogent entries on the superstars of the field, both popular (Dr. Spock, Dr. Seuss, Mr. Rogers) and scholarly (Ainsworth, Bowlby, Erikson).

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