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Скачать Encyclopedia of Exploration бесплатно

Carl Waldman, Alan Wexler, Jon Cunningham “Encyclopedia of Exploration"
Facts on File | 2004-07 | ISBN: 0816046786 | 1424 pages | PDF | 68,7 MB

Reader's review:
Summary: A comprehensive reference to exploration
College-level library collections seeking a comprehensive reference to exploration would do well to consider the Encyclopedia Of Exploration: a 2-volume set developed and co-authored by the team of Carl Waldman, Alan Wexler, and Jon Cunningham, devoted to the world history of exploration from biographies of major and lesser-known explorers to histories, chronologies, and national interests. Volume 1, The Explorers, packs in biographical references - almost a thousand entries - with indexes organized chronologically and by relevant occupation, country of nationality, and more. Each explorer receives about six paragraphs of detail ranging from early life to exploration achievement and motivation. Volume 2, Places, Technologies And Cultural Trends, surveys the technical, social, culture and geographic aspects of world exploration, providing A-Z entries emphasizing factors determining mission success or failure, and including maps, charts, discussions of exploration companies and societies, geographical barriers and more. Cross-references connect the two volumes and help readers connect explorers with places.

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