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Скачать The Encyclopedia of Public Choice бесплатно

Charles K. Rowley "The Encyclopedia of Public Choice"
Springer (2003-09) | ISBN 0792386078 | 1000 Pages | PDF | 6.2 Mb

The Encyclopedia of Public Choice offers a detailed and comprehensive account of the subject that deals with the intersection of economics and political science. Its fruitful exchange among ethics, moral and political philosophy, and law, as well as economics and political science, examines the image of man as a purposive and rational actor. Its balanced coverage, which reflects the various public choice methodologies and approaches, is thoughtful, comprehensive, lively, and original. It will be the definitive reference source for decades to come.
Volume I includes biographies of the major figures in public choice, those who set the scene for the disciplines and those who have made major contributions to its development and essays written by leading senior public choice scholars. Their important, and occasionally controversial, themes offer in-depth analysis and reflection beyond the scope of standard works. Volume II defines in detail the core concepts associated with the discipline.

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