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Скачать The Elgar Companion to Law And Economics бесплатно

Jurgen G. Backhaus “The Elgar Companion to Law And Economics"
Edward Elgar Publishing | 2005-11-30 | ISBN: 1845420322 | 763 pages | PDF | 2,1 MB

This thoroughly updated and revised edition of a popular and authoritative reference work introduces the reader to the major concepts and leading contributors in the field of law and economics. The Companion features accessible, informative and provocative entries on all the significant issues, and breaks new ground by bringing together widely dispersed yet theoretically congruent ideas. Following a comprehensive introduction by the editor, the renowned contributors look in detail at several critical areas including:
fundamentals of the law and economics approach
private law and economics
public law and economics
labor law and economics
regulation, taxation and public enterprise
dispute resolution
different sources of the law
economic analysis of a legal problem
classical authors in law and economics.

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