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Скачать O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles бесплатно

Michael Farr "O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles"
JIST Works (2007-05) | ISBN 1593574169 | 672 Pages | PDF | 7.5 Mb

This best-selling career reference puts the official job descriptions and other important information from the U.S. Department of Labor's massive Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database into useful and manageable print form.
Job seekers, career changers, and students will find that this in-depth resource is a treasure trove of information that helps them quickly learn about hundreds of jobs. Featured information, vital to career exploration, includes a job's education, training, and experience level; annual earnings; projected growth through 2014; number of people employed; number of annual openings; skills, abilities, and knowledge needed; work activities; RIASEC personality type; working conditions; work values; New Guide for Occupational Exploration interest area and number; Classification of Instructional Programs course titles; related Dictionary of Occupational Titles jobs; related Occupational Outlook Handbook jobs; official O*NET code and more!
This newest edition of the O*NET Dictionary of Occupational Titles features completely updated job descriptions and data, all of the newest jobs listed in the latest O*NET database, and a new chart linking 5,700 military job titles to civilian occupations to help transitioning military easily find careers that are related to their experience.

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