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Скачать Companion Encyclopedia of Theology бесплатно

Leslie Houlden “Companion Encyclopedia of Theology"
Routledge | 1995-12-04 | ISBN: 0415064473 | 1092 pages | PDF | 2,45 MB

This unique reference is a comprehensive guide to modern theological thought. In 48 self-contained articles, an international team of theologians and practitioners of the Christian and Jewish faiths investigate and consider aspects of theology. They strive to be practical, but not partisan as they explore the applications of modern theology in the light of Christianity's place in the modern world. The Companion Encyclopedia of Theology is divided into six parts. The first three deal with major foundational aspects of Western theological reflection: the Hebrew and Christian Bible, the Tradition, and the contribution of Philosophy. The second half of the Companion is concerned with applications in relation to spirituality, contemporary ethics, and issues of present-day theological construction.
The 48 essays are descriptive, informative, and analytical. They cover a wide range of contemporary topics including Feminism in the Philosophy of Religion, The Idea of Christian Ethics, Violence, Warfare and Peace, and many more. At the end of each article, there are suggestions for further reading and the work is concluded with a comprehensive index.
The Companion is a valuable reference for students and professors and both lay and clerical practitioners of Christian and Jewish theology.

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