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Скачать Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan бесплатно

Prof J Stockwin “Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan"
Routledge | 2003-06-24 | ISBN: 0415151708 | 344 pages | PDF | 2,41 MB

Containing an in-depth introductory essay, a section on theories of Japanese politics, and more than 250 A-Z entries, this unique dictionary brings together information and authoritative analysis of all aspects of Japan's politics and political system.
Coverage includes:
Abe Shintaro * Administrative Reorganization, January 2001 * Africa, Relations with * Aum Shinrikyo and the Politics of Mass Poisoning, 1995 * Black Mist Scandals (1960s) * Court System * Cow Walking * Criminal Justice System * Daybreak Club * Democratic Socialist Party (DSP, Minshat) * Election Systems * Electoral Behavior, Campaigning and the Control of Malpractice * Emperor (Tenn) and Politics * Environmental Politics * and much more.
This title is thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed, and includes a fully annotated bibliography as well as supplementary maps, graphs, and tables.

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