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Скачать The Routledge Dictionary of Literary Terms бесплатно

Peter Childs “The Routledge Dictionary of Literary Terms"
Routledge | 2005-11-10 | ISBN: 0415361176 | 253 pages | PDF | 1,73 MB

A 21st Century update of Roger Fowler's 1973 Dictionary of Modern Critical Terms that contained entries written by such giants of Literary Theory as Terry Eagleton, Malcolm Bradbury and Victor and Lorna Sage, this is an essential reference book for students of literature at all levels.
· An exhaustive range of entries, covering such topics as genre, form, cultural theory and literary technique
· New definitions of contemporary critical issues such as Cybercriticism and Globalization
· Complete coverage of traditional and radical approaches to the study and production of literature
· Thorough accounts of critical terminology and analyses of key academic debates.
· Full cross-referencing throughout and suggestions for further reading

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