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Скачать A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism: Sikh Religion and Philosophy бесплатно

W. Owen Cole “A Popular Dictionary of Sikhism: Sikh Religion and Philosophy"
RoutledgeCurzon | 1997-12-16 | ISBN: 0700710485 | 208 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

Summary: Excellent Introduction to Sikhism
Rating: 5
This dictionary contains most of the terms that are related to Sikhism. Although not really an introductory course, by reading the definitions of so many words in the Sikh vocabulary, one gets an idea of what the religion is all about, including its relation to Islam and Hinduism, the two related faiths of India. The book lists the major figures in Sikhism, an outline of the history of the religion, a list of the sacred books, theology and a general overview of the philosophy, both in the introduction and in the definitions itself. A great aid for those interested in the faith.

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