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Скачать Philanthropy in America: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (3 vol set) бесплатно

Dwight Burlingame “Philanthropy in America: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (3 vol set)"
ABC-CLIO | 2004-08-19 | ISBN: 1576078604 | 886 pages | PDF | 8,4 MB

Summary: Useful Context for American Philanthropy
Rating: 5
Philanthropy in America: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia, 3 Volumes by Dwight Burlingame (ABC-CLIO) Woven into the fabric of U.S. history, philanthropy has been an integral part of American life. Philanthropy in America-the first comprehensive treatment of the topic-examines America's remarkable history of charitable action from the early 1600s to the present day. The work was developed under the guidance of Dr. Dwight Burlingame, the nation's foremost expert on philanthropy, and represents a milestone in the study of philanthropy and nonprofit organizations in America.
This all-encompassing resource:
Is the first and only encyclopedia on the topic as a whole
Includes over 200 A-Z entries on individuals, organizations, events, theories, and legislation, with reference to works for further study
Features contributions from nearly 200 leading scholars from a wide variety of disciplines
Offers over 75 essential primary source documents, such as the Poor Laws of 1601 and the Filer Commission Report of 1975
Presents a philanthropic timeline, from the 1601 enactment of the Statute of Charitable Uses to the 1999 establishment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Provides a deeper understanding and perspective of the role of philanthropy in the United States
This groundbreaking, illustrated work fills the long-felt need for a comprehensive encyclopedia on philanthropy in America. In accessible fashion, it introduces the reader to information and
ideas central to the study of philanthropy, making it a paramount resource for students, scholars, and anyone seeking a broad understanding of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in the United States.

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