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Скачать Encyclopedia of Television (Vol.3) бесплатно

Fitzroy Dearborn “Encyclopedia of Television (Vol.3)"
Fitzroy Dearborn Pub | 2005-01 | ISBN: 1579584136 | 612 pages | PDF | 9 MB

Summary: Who love Lucy? Find the answer in this book
Rating: 5
This is a great book. It contains all kinds of information about practicaly all really famous shows.
I didn't expect otherwise, but it could
focus a little bit more on other countries then the great anglophone countries.
In almost all books of this kind, the athours opinions is dominating, but this is an exception.
The authors are neutral, and they are really professional.
Sure, sometimes you can see what they feel, but still there is room to judge for yourself. This is a great book, everyone interested in TV should own this!

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