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Скачать A Dictionary of English Surnames бесплатно

P. H. Reaney "A Dictionary of English Surnames"
Routledge (1991-10-10) | ISBN 041505737X | 508 Pages | PDF | 9 Mb

There is a constant popular fascination with names--what they mean, when they originated, where they come from. This edition of the classic work by Reaney and Wilson will be the primary resource for anyone who is interested in the etymology of names. It gives the meanings of over 16,000 English surnames and their variants, together with early forms and their sources and dates.

A Dictionary of English Surnames was first published in 1958 and rapidly established itself as the standard work on the subject. Now in its third edition, this volume has been updated to include 5,000 additional names. The main body of the work is arranged alphabetically with a full cross-reference system for variant spellings. An essential reference volume for linguists, historians, and students of either discipline, A Dictionary of English Surnames will fascinate anyone with an interest in names and theirhistory.
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