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Скачать Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought бесплатно

Paul Clark “Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought"
Routledge | 2001-07-25 | ISBN: 0415193966 | 768 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB

An essential resource for everyone interested in democratic ideas, practice and the quality of democratic governance, this new encyclopedia is global in scope and responds to the democratic revolution of recent decades. Containing some 200 in-depth, highly readable entries, it refers both to the long-established democracies of North America, Western Europe, and Australasia, and those more recently established in Latin America, Eastern and Central Europe, Africa, and Asia. Selected entries include: * agonism * coalitions * consensus democracy * democratic origins * economic requirements for democracy * electoral systems * hegemony * hybrid systems * indicators of democracy * judiciary * liberalism * market forces * mortgaged democracies * parliamentary models * party systems * pluralism * polyarchy * presidentialism * public opinion * referendums * republicanism * separatism * social democracy * sovereignty * statelessness * welfare * and more.

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