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Скачать Routledge Dictionary of Politics"[/b] бесплатно

D. Robertson "Routledge Dictionary of Politics"
Routledge (2003-11-04) | ISBN: 0415323770 | 528 Pages | PDF | 1.9 Mb

Now in its third edition, this dictionary is the essential guide to politics; its terminologies, ideologies & institutions. With over 500 entries, it provides authoritative and up-to-date information that is invaluable to both students and general readers.

Well over 500 extensive definitions

Provides an understanding of the basics of political thought and theory

Clear, no-nonsense coverage of complex ideologies and dogmas

Succinct definitions of highly specialized and technical terms

Coverage of emerging ideas, terminologies and recent events within the world of politics, including entries on 'politically correct,' war crime tibunals, the Taliban and terrorism

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