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Скачать Hazard Perception Driving Handbook / Hazard Perception Handbook june 2008 бесплатно

Hazard Perception Driving Handbook Hazard Perception Handbook june 2008
RTA Cat. No. 45070932 | ARTA ABN: 64480155255 | July 2001 / 2008 | 81 / 72 pages | PDF | 1.48 MB / 2.5 MB | english

When you were a learner driver, it might have seemed that driving ws all about steering the car, changing gears, using the indicators and knowing the road rules. While these are important, to stay safe as a solo driver you also need to be able to detect and react to any hazards that might arise when you are driving. A hazard is any possible danger that might lead to an accident. This includes pedestrians crossing the road, roadworks, broken-down vehicles and other cars stopping ahead of you or entering from side roads.
There are many hazards out there on the roads. Good and safe drivers know how to recognize and respond to hazards. They know how to spot them in time to take actions that will avoid accidents. They know these things because they have good hazard perception skills. The Hazard Perception Handbook has been produced to assist you in developing your hazard perception skills and to drive more safely.

Hazard Perception Driving Handbook (1.48 MB)


Hazard Perception Handbook june 2008 (2.5 MB)


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