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Скачать Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States бесплатно

Timothy L. Gall “Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States, 5th Edition (4 Volumes Set)"
UXL | 2007-07-13 | ISBN: 1414411065 | 1200 pages | PDF | 24,2 MB

Now middle school and high school students have an encyclopedia that gives them all the facts and details on every state in the U.S., including the District of Columbia and U.S. dependencies. Alphabetically arranged entries feature consistent subheadings for each state so students can quickly find comparative information. An index of people, places and subjects makes searches easy, and sources for further study provides students with the next step to learn more. Here are some of the student-friendly features you'll find:
40 consistent subheads divide each essay to make information easy to find and encourage comparisons between states
A map of the U.S. and state flags on color end sheets
50 maps within text
Approximately 250 photos depict the state and the people
Illustrations of flags and seals accompany entries
Glossary makes difficult or unusual terms understandable
A table listing all past governors of the state
1998 election information
Updates to economic and population information
Web sites included in the bibliographies

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