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Скачать John D. Anderson, "Aircraft Performance and Design" бесплатно

Anderson - Aircraft Performance and Design

John D. Anderson, "Aircraft Performance and Design"
1st Edition | 1999 McGraw-Hill | Language: English | ISBN: 0070019711 | 600 Pages | DJVU (OCR+bookmarks) | 6.8 MB

Written by one of the most succesful aerospace authors, this new book develops aircraft performance techniques from first principles and applies then to real airplanes. It also address a philosophy of, and techniques for aircraft design. By developing and discussing these two subjects in a single text, the author captures a degree of synergism not found in other texts. The book is written in a conversational style, a trademark of all of John Anderson's texts, to enhance the readers' understanding.

This book is a mix of aerodynamics, performances and aircraft design. (three sections in this order). The section Aerodynamics includes chapters on propulsion, and the performances discussion is quite general. It seems, at times, that the presentation is not concise enough. The book borrows from others of the same author.

Other books of the author: "Introduction to Flight" "Fundamentals of Aerodynamics", "Computational Fluid Dynamics".

Book available at McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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