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Скачать The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience (2 volume set) бесплатно

Michael Shermer " The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience (2 volume set)"
ABC-CLIO | 2002-11-14 | ISBN: 1576076539 | PDF | 903 pages | 7,6 MB

"He's called a broker because after dealing with him you are." Anon

For decades, the Skeptics Society has been examining supernatural and extrascientific claims and publishing their findings in Skeptic magazine. This two-volume set contains a number of articles from that publication along with new material. In volume one, 59 alphabetical entries introduce the reader to scientific research on phenomena such as crop circles, astrology, the Shroud of Turin, and witchcraft. Twenty-three articles examine more closely such topics as homeopathy, the origins of the pyramids, and the search for Atlantis. Case studies, debates, and a selection of historical documents are found in volume two.

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