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Скачать UFOs and Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Myth бесплатно

UFOs and Popular Culture

James R. Lewis, "UFOs and Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Myth"
ABC-CLIO (2000) | English | ISBN 1576072657 | 439 pages | PDF | 5.38 MB

Is the human race the result of a breeding experiment carried out by ancient astronauts? Are satanists, extraterrestrials—or both—mutilating cattle? Whimsical and fascinating, UFOs and Popular Culture explores a rich facet of Americana and its impact on contemporary society. The UFO phenomenon is put into folkloric and psychological perspective, revealing much about our collective psyche.

From religious beliefs and legends to movies and TV shows; from advertising and celebrities to Internet sites and photo ops; this illustrated A–Z encyclopedia is your first stop resource for understanding UFO beliefs and their impact on contemporary America. Topics explored include Music and UFOs, Naked Aliens, Reincarnation, Roswell, Brad Steiger, Heaven's Gate, War of the Worlds, and UFO Conventions.

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