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Скачать Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism бесплатно

Randall Balmer, "Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism"
Baylor University Press | Revised & Expanded Edition (2004) | English | ISBN: 193279204X | 793 pages | PDF | 5.69 MB

In this completely revised and expanded edition of the Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism, Randall Balmer gives readers the most comprehensive resource about evangelicalism available anywhere. With over 3,000 separate entries, the Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism covers historical and contemporary theologians, preachers, laity, cultural figures, musicians, televangelists, movements, organizations, denominations, folkways, theological terms, events, and much more all penned in Balmer's engaging style. Students, scholars, journalists, and laypersons will all benefit from Balmer's insights.

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