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Скачать Whitakers Almanac 2008 бесплатно

Joseph Whitaker “Whitakers Almanac 2008"
A & C Black Publishers | 2007-11-15 | ISBN: 1414433441 | 1362 pages | PDF | 11,8 MB

Whitaker's Almanack 2008 is the perfect book for anyone interested in current affairs and general knowledge. An indispensable, meticulously researched and authoritative information guide for more than 130 years, Whitaker's Almanack brings together a wider range of facts, figures and directory information than any other annual reference work. It's the essential what's what and who's who of Great Britain and the world today, providing everything a reader might conceivably wish to know in a world driven by information -- no year is complete without it. New to this edition is a special supplement on the Scottish and Welsh elections.
# Extensive data on every world country
# Comprehensive coverage of the UK’s social, political and economic infrastructure
# UK university fees
# An up-to-date guide to taxation and legal affairs
# Reviews of the last year in archaeology, architecture, art, broadcasting, business, dance, film, literature, classical and pop music, opera, science, theatre and politics
# Directory listings of UK education bodies, societies and institutions, trade unions, clubs, media and sports organisations

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