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Скачать Macmillan Student’s Dictionary бесплатно

M. Manser "Macmillan Student’s Dictionary"
Macmillan Education Ltd (1996-11-29) | ISBN 0333654196 | 544 Pages | PDF | 21 Mb

This dictionary is written for students with a basic knowledge of the English language but who have not yet reached an advanced level of ability.
It is primarily aimed at students learning English as a Second Language to help them with English used in a variety of mainstream subjects.
Greater attention is therefore given to ‘study language’ – words and phrases which are common to many subjects – than is usual in dictionaries of a similar size.
This completely revised edition includes:
Up-to-date and international coverage of 2,000 new entries
Clear, attractive layout with beautifully accurate line drawings of many words (120 new illustrations in this edition)
Restricted defining vocabulary, so students looking up a word will not find five more they do not know
Example sentences to help explain usage where this presents a problem
A useful guide to pronunciation and help with word formation
Cross-references to show related words

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