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Скачать The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia [ReUpload under request] бесплатно

by Crafter's Choice"The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia"
Eaglemoss Publications | ISBN: 0965268616 | 2001 | DjVu | 47 Mb | 320 pages

This comprehensive guide opens the door to the world of embroidery and needlepoint, where you can explore traditional skills and make the most of your creativity. It aims to inspire and encourage, as well as teach the art of stitching—from basic skills, such as cross stitch and satin stitch, to more complex techniques including blackwork, beading, trame, and smocking. Also included is all the advice you'll ever need on planning and finishing, as well as projects that demonstrate many ways to put your stitching skills into practice. Each stitch is photographed in color and described in detail, with clear step-by-step instructions and full-color diagrams. Tip boxes offer expert advice and suggestions, while all the most common pitfalls—and how to put mistakes right—are demonstrated.
A one-stop needlecraft reference work, The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia includes the following:
• Straight and slanted stitches
• Crossed and crossing stitches
• Laced and whipped stitches
• Looped and knotted stitches
• Composite stitches
. . . and much more


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