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Скачать Slavery Throughout History Reference Library бесплатно

Theodore L. Sylvester, Judson Knight “Slavery Throughout History Reference Library"
U·X·L | 1999-11-22 | ISBN: 0787631752 | 661 pages | PDF | 13,6 Mb

Research on slavery, from its early roots in Mesopotamia to its occurrence in the United States, is made easy with this 3-vol. set. Slavery Throughout History: Almanac provides students with the in-depth information they need to write reports and class assignments. Slavery Throughout History: Biographies profiles more than 30 men and women associated with the institution. Slavery Throughout History: Primary Sources allows students to study 20 speeches, diary entries, newspaper accounts and other material related to slavery. Also included in the set are sidebars, further reading sections, indexes, glossary, "Words to Know" section, timeline and photographs.

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