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Скачать Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology бесплатно

Paul Singleton, Diana Sainsbury “Dictionary of Microbiology & Molecular Biology"
Wiley | 2006-11-03 | ISBN: 0470035455 | 908 pages | PDF | 11,2 Mb

This Third, Revised Edition of a unique, encyclopaedic reference work covers the whole field of pure and applied microbiology and microbial molecular biology in one volume. The Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Third Edition, Revised:
Reflects the latest developments in the field
Features over 18,000 entries from concise definitions of terms to review-length articles
Provides extensive cross-referencing between topics
Includes numerous references from scientific journals and other relevant sources

With its wide-ranging description of different areas of microbiology, the Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Third Edition, Revised is an indispensable reference for every researcher, lecturer and student.

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