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Скачать Jerusalem, Illustrated History Atlas бесплатно

Jerusalem, Illustrated History Atlas
Mitchell Vallentine & Company; 3 Rev Sub edition | March 1, 1994 | ISBN: 0853032858 | 128 pages | PDF | 18,3 MB

The author writes in the preface to this atlas:

In this Atlas, I trace the history of Jerusalem from biblical times to the present day. Each map is illustrated by a facing page of prints or photographs. The sixty-six maps, taken together, are intended to provide a broad survey of Jerusalem's history, with special emphasis on the City's development during the last hundred and f i f ty years, when it grew from a remote and impoverished provincial town of the Ottoman Empire, with a population of less than 40,000, to a capital city with a population of more than 360,000.

In the bibliography, beginning on page 124, I have listed those maps, atlases, guide books, travellers' tales and historical works which I consulted while preparing the maps, and on which I drew for the contemporary material which they contained for each decade of the city's history.

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